Is Gaia Speaking To You?


Mother earth is constantly communicating with us, through trees, rocks, and rivers; through sun, wind, and rain; through polar bears, eagles, and whales; through our own subconscious & intuition.

She reaches out to us offering guidance, support, and protection. She is also calling us to action at this critical time in human history.

What is Mother Earth's message to us, as humankind, her children?

What is her message to you, as an individual?

 Dare to accept this paradigm-shifting invitation. Open your heart to new ways that you can connect with Nature.

Feel the steady heartbeat of the Great Mother in your own life.


Join The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit, in which 36 experts will share their personal experiences and decades of scientific research about humans' reciprocal connection with the Earth.

This online speaker series is free to all registered attendees.


The 36 exclusive interviews will immerse you in the following topics:

Accessing your intuition

Shamanic tools & practices

Bringing The Dreamtime into Waking Reality

Nature-based rituals

Astrology & the Consciousness of Time

The mythic imagination in celtic traditions

Planetary ascension

The Vision Quest

Global Coherence: the interconnection between humanity & the frequency of Earth’s magnetic fields

Sacred Feminine & the Wild Woman

Connecting with water & the ocean for healing

physics of the new consciousness

Plant & tree medicines

Embodying the Sacred Masculine

Living a chemical-free lifestyle

Archetypes as the Underpinnings of Society

Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

Healing with Crystals

The medicine Horse

Dreams & Fairytales to COnnect with Mother Earth

moving toward a Life Economy

Activating the energies of the universal Creative Force

Earth Magic

Awakening the soul

... and many more!


Here Is Our Brilliant Lineup of Speakers:

This is your opportunity to study with all 36 of these thought leaders by listening to their profound & inspiring interviews.


We live in times of intense change.

Many people are feeling as if the world as we knew it has been turned on its head. It can be difficult to navigate when we are feeling this way.

It's important to know that we are always guided and supported. Right now is truly an amazing time to be alive, because of the capacity & potential that we have at this specific moment in history, to step out of our shadow and to create an entirely new way of living. To reject fossil fuels and convert to a life economy; to create powerful social movements for massive change (as we see happening at Standing Rock); and for each of us individually, to see what is no longer working in our lives and to make a passionate commitment to becoming our highest self.

Mother Earth is here to guide & support us through this process. Many people are saying that now, more than ever before, they are hearing a calling, the voice of the Divine, the voice of their intuition. And they are being asked to leave behind their old way of life and do something that is more meaningful & fulfilling: To become healers and teachers and writers and artists; to usher in the new way of living on the Earth, centered around peace, compassion, and trust.

This is what we are longing for, deep in our hearts. This is the way that Mother Earth intended for us to live.

If we connect in with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, she will help us to find our way.

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